Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 of 92 day juice feast

Well the magical day is here, we went 100% raw today 1/1/09 and began our 92 day juice feast. Its about 10pm at the moment and we are both feeling great. Luckily most of the fruit and veggies were on sale today so we stocked up. I completed a 21 day juice feast last May and it felt awesome. I was working as a mechanic the whole time and was never short of energy. I was never able to drink a whole gallon of juice then, I averaged about 80 ounces a day. Below I'm posting our intake for today:

1 quart water
24 oz of carrot, orange, romaine, apple juice with maca, barley juice powder and bee pollen
8 oz orange juice
16 oz of apple, cranberry
32 oz carrot, celery
1 quart water

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