Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4 of 92 day juice feast

Hi, this is Linzi and I am definitely feeling juicy on day 4. The last two days have been rough emotionally for both Don and I. We are quickly realizing how sedating cooked food is. We have all of this extra emotional energy that we really don't know what to do with. It has really helped us stop and examine every area of our life. The hardest part for me is shifting my energy away from food and into juice, but it is getting easier.

One insight we have had along the way deals with friends. Don asked me why it is that we have select friends. He said why aren't we just friends with everyone? He said there are people that live right next door to him that he has never spoken to. I told him I definitely feel more friendly on juice. I believe that cooked food is just like being sedated by a drug. When sedated, it is hard to look outside yourself and make new friends.

Our juice intake for today has been:

32 oz cranberry, orange, lime
32 oz celery, romaine, carrot, ginger, cucumber, barley grass juice powder
22 oz orange

(on the 2nd day we consumed 120 oz, on the 3rd day we had 96 oz)

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